Ninja, (a.k.a Side Projects)


July 2019 - Present, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Brief Summary

Mabar is one of my side projects. Orginally, the idea is only to become platform for all hobbies. Like looking for buddy to play hobbies together, booking the court yard etc. I'm working on this project in my spare-time now. It might be slow and not fast pace on development because like I said, I work on this only on my spare time.

Roles and Responsibility

  • Creating the Backend API
  • Helping to do the UX UI Research
  • Helping to marketing the app
  • Project and Product Roadmap Planning

Marketing Buzzword

Mabar adalah satu platform untuk semua hobi. Mabar akan menghubungkan kamu dengan orang-orang yang punya hobi sama denganmu. Dengan mabar kamu bisa menemukan kegiatan, teman, dan tim favorit kamu loh!

Mabar akan membantu kamu menemukan teman untuk melakukan aktivitas dan berbagi kebahagiaan bersama. Udah gak sabar ya?


Iman Tumorang
Software Engineer